My journey to naturally healthy hair

What inspired me to regrow long healthy hair

Before I went to Cosmetology school I had perfect hair. I had never used a blow dryer or colored my hair. My dark golden blond hair was below my hips. I usually braided my hair to keep it tidy. This was a talent I learned on my own by the time I was seven because my mother always threatened to get it cut off if I didn’t take care of it myself so that is what I did. The last big hair cut I had in a salon was just before 2nd grade and it was cut in a short bob chin length. At 16 I had it cut just above my waist all one length while on holiday in London. I only had two salon visits my whole life until the age of 18 before that my grandmother or cousins would trim my ends once a year. Before Cosmetology school I had healthy hair.

Cosmetology school was not my idea but rather my mother’s idea on what I should do for a living. I wanted to go to college and be a nurse but she had other ideas so I was put in Cosmetology school where my hair was tortured and I learned how to destroy other women’s hair for a living.

In school I learned how to use hot tools and chemicals to destroy the natural texture and color of hair. I learned the art of dying perfectly good hair so it would always need to be redone or a horrible demarcation line would appear as the hair grows out. I learned how to melt hair with bleach, change the structure with perms and chemical straighteners, fry it with curling and straightening irons and dye it with harsh peroxide and ammonia.

Before Cosmetology school and getting hooked on changing my natural hair into a different color or structure, I didn’t need all those expensive products. I didn’t need to smooth hair that had become frizzy from too much dye or bleach. I didn’t need to blow dry it because it was not so porous that it would take hours to dry. In the past I would use a bonnet dryer during cold winters to speed up the drying process which still took only half the time that over process hair takes.

I know there are some really good hair stylist out there and if you are one or have found one congratulations. A great stylist can reside in any salon at any price point. They may be just starting out or have years of experience. Some people are just gifted at it while others need time to learn. Don’t think that you have to go to a high end salon to find that great stylist Price doesn’t determine how well a stylist cuts hair either so if you found someone at Great Clips stay with that person. I was going to a high end salon this past year and twice did not get the hair trim I asked for. My sons hair cutter at Great Clips does a great job and I will be using her from now on for my twice a year trims. TWICE A YEAR!!! Yes, you saw that correctly. It is a huge myth that you need to keep getting your hair cut to have long hair. Who the heck came up with that notion? Maybe a marketing person so that women would BELIEVE that they have to keep coming back into a salon to get their hair trimmed every month. If you happen to get split ends every month then yes they need to be trimmed off however if you are not damaging your hair with hot tools and products you should not be getting split ends every month. FYI cutting it makes it shorter and it does not make it grow faster. Any scientist will tell you that your hair follicle has nothing to do with the ends of your dead hair.

In the summer time hair grows faster and the warm day’s mean not having to blow dry it. This is a good time to get hair into healthy shape. Healthy hair, skin and nails starts with eating right and exercising. Exercise increases blood flow and everything in your body starts to function better leaving us with more energy.

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